Guide to Building A Computer v2.0

Step3: Case Preparation

Most of the cases that you can purchase these days come with the power supply preinstalled so that all you need to do is prep the case and get it ready to put your motherboard inside of it and continue with your system build.

There are a few steps in preparing your case for motherboard installation such as removing all the plastic and metal panels, slots or additional openings on your case as needed.

Be careful, some cases have very sharp edges and can cause you to cut yourself. Use your needle nose pliers to remove any metal pieces from your case as this is the safest method.

After all the additional case pieces are removed you will need to mark the case on the inside where you will install the mounting riser pins. This can be done easily with a marker by placing the board inside of the case and marking where the mounting riser pins will go on the board.

Once you have removed all the blocking metal or plastic from the case and are ready to proceed you will need to continue by installing the mounting pins. Install the mounting riser pins in your pre-marked holes. You install the riser mounting screws by turning them to the right or by popping them in depending on the case. Make sure you screw or pop them in completely, that way the board will sit flat and protect it from shorting out.