Guide to Building A Computer v2.0

Step13: Windows & Drivers

The final step in any system build is the installation of the OS and the needed system drivers. Windows 95 and below will require the use of a startup disc to get the system to recognize the CD and to access the Windows files for setup. Windows 98, 98SE and ME can all be booted to directly. If this is a fresh system build you will need to go into the BIOS and make the CD ROM the first boot device. This will make the system look to the CD player for the initial system device.

If you are using a pre existing hard drive and want to maintain the information on the drive you will not need to format the drive as you can just install the operating system again (over the other OS installation). This will retain the integrity of your drive and allow the new OS install to detect the basics of your new board and system parts.

If you are using a new hard drive you will have to first FDISK and then format the drive, Windows will guide you through these steps and will do them automatically for you. After the OS is installed you will need to proceed with installing the motherboard drivers that come on the CD with your board and then to install all the additional drivers for your peripherals. After that you should be ready to rock n roll with your new made by you system.

This tutorial was based off of the tutorial created by Doc Overclock of I Distortedcore have simply nuked the tutorial. You can see the original tutorial at Motherboards