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Deprecated HTML tags and alternatives
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:26    Post subject: Deprecated HTML tags and alternatives Reply with quote

-----------------------------------------All deprecated HTML TAGS will be post here with alternatives.--------------------------------------------


<div align="center"> ... </div>

<table> ... </table>


<div style="text-align:center;">

<table style="margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;">

<center> tag : This tag was used in older version of HTML to align the text and content at the center. This tag was deprecated in 'HTML 5'. You should use CSS text-align Property instead.

Usage :

1. In-Line usage : <div style="text-align:center">Content goes here....</div>

2. CSS Code : #your-div {text-align:center}
HTML Code : <div id="text-align">Content goes here....</div>

Values you can use :
'left' - Used for left alignment.
'right' - Used for right alignment.
'center' - Used for center alignment.
'justify' - Stretches the lines to make them of equal width ( increase or decrease internal space )
'inherit' - This is will use text align property of parent division

Sample usage :

1. Example usage for Blogger/WordPress users (who don't have access to style-sheet ) :
center :

<div style="text-align:center">Content... </div>

This will result into this :

left :

<div style="text-align:left">Content... </div>

This will result into this :


<div style="text-align:right">Content... </div>

This will result into this :


<div style="text-align:justify">Content... </div>

This will result into this :


<div style="text-align:center"><!-- parent division -->

<div style="text-align:inherit">
[ Division Content... ]
</div><!-- end of parent division -->

This will result into this :

2. If you have access to style-sheet then you can use this instead.But you have to assign unique division ID,see examples below:

#your-div-center {text-align:center}

#your-div-left {text-align:left}
#your-div-right {text-align:right}
#your-div-justify {text-align:justify}
#your-div-inherit {text-align:inherit}

NOTE : The <center> element was deprecated because it defines the presentation of its contents -- it doesn't describe its contents.

What I do is take common tasks like centering or floating and make CSS classes out of them. When I do that I can use them throughout any of the pages. I can also call as many as I want on the same element.

.text_center {text-align: center;}

.center {margin: auto 0px;}
.float_left {float: left;}

Now I can use them in my HTML code to perform simple tasks.

<p class="text_center">Some Text</p>

If you want inline elements use this method

<div style="text-align: center;">

    I'm centered.


<div style="margin:0 auto">

<!--contents goes here-->

Another way will be CSS


    margin:0 auto;

 <div class="centerclass">
       <!--Contents goes here-->

How do I horizontally center a div in a div with CSS

<div id="outside" style="width:100%">  

    <div id="inside">Foo foo</div>

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You can apply this CSS to the inside div:

#inside {

    width: 50%;
    margin: 0 auto;

Of course, you don't have to set the width to 50%. Any width less than the containing div will work. The margin: 0 auto is what does the actual centering.

If you are targeting IE8+, it might be better to have this instead:

#inside {
    display: table;
    margin: 0 auto;
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