Download Profile: bootsect.exe to make a bootable usb flashdrive

 Download Profile: bootsect.exe to make a bootable usb flashdrive

When creating a bootable USB device, I am getting an error about bootsect

To make the USB device bootable, you need to run a tool named bootsect.exe. In some cases, this tool needs to be downloaded from your Microsoft Store account. This may happen if you're trying to create a 64-bit bootable USB device from a 32-bit version of Windows. To download bootsect:

  1. Login to your Microsoft Store account to view your purchase history

  2. Look for your Windows 7 purchase.

  3. Next to Windows 7, there is an "Additional download options" drop-down menu.

  4. In the drop-down menu, select "32-bit ISO."

  5. Right-click the link, and then save the bootsect.exe file to the location where you installed the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (e.g. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apps\Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool).

  6. Once the file has been saved, go back to the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool to create your bootable USB device.

My USB device is not in the list of available devices

If you don't see your USB flash drive in the list of available devices, please make sure the drive is inserted in the USB port, and then click the Refresh button beside the list of available drives.

I inserted a blank DVD in my DVD-ROM drive, but the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool doesn't recognize it

If there are multiple drives on the system, the tool will select the first one that is capable of burning DVDs. If you have multiple DVD-R drives, try inserting the blank DVD into another DVD-R drive. If that doesn't help, please make sure that your disc isn't damaged and that your DVD-R drive is operational. Contact Product Support if issues continue to arise.

Inserted a blank DVD in my DVD-ROM drive, but the tool won't let me burn it

Make sure the disc isn't a dual-layer DVD disc. Currently, dual-layer discs are not supported within the tool

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